Contribute as an interim professional to the energy transition

For TenneT, Magnit is seeking professionals keen on contributing to the future energy system. Are you ready to dive in with full energy to bring sustainable solutions to life? As a frontrunner in the energy transition, TenneT has exciting interim assignments where your expertise is crucial.

Working for TenneT on a contract basis

TenneT provides electricity to millions of end users daily in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany. This makes TenneT Europe's first cross-border electricity transmission system operator (TSO). In a technically-oriented and international project environment, you will collaborate across various disciplines with other specialists working on a contractual or permanent basis for TenneT. When you join TenneT as an interim professional, you’ll contribute to one of the most significant societal challenges of our time: the energy transition. Are you interested in being part of the movement that ensures a sustainable and reliable energy supply, now and in the future? Discover the career opportunities TenneT has to offer today!

Assignments in IT, Project Management, Offshore, or Corporate

Magnit is looking for freelance and interim professionals who want to work for TenneT on assignments across various fields. As a specialist, you can contribute to the management, renovation, and expansion of the high-voltage grid. We're also hiring experts in other areas, such as smart IT and data solutions essential for running the energy system. Would you rather work offshore? TenneT is a grid operator at sea, and as a professional, you can contribute to the complex task of expanding and connecting the offshore network infrastructure to the high-voltage grid. We're frequently looking for project managers for large and complex projects.

What it means to work as an interim professional at TenneT

  • You will contribute to the biggest societal challenge: the energy transition​
  • You will work on a reliable, safe, and affordable electricity supply, now and in the future​
  • You will be active in a dynamic, technical project environment​
  • Your professional journey will take flight at a leading grid operator with nearly 25,000 km of high-voltage connections

Professionals with a passion for energy

Are you an interim professional with expertise or interest in the energy sector and seeking challenging assignments? With TenneT and Magnit working together to offer you interesting career opportunities, you can be part of a significant movement shaping the future of our planet: the transformation of our energy systems.
Questions about Working for TenneT? If you want more information or have questions about the hiring process, please feel free to contact us.
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